With one-third gone- College Football Report - 4 games in.

Right, with four games gone we'd be hard-pushed to say that this college football season's been one of the most exciting on record.

Alabama survived at Arkansas. Boise State came back against Virginia Tech. Ohio State hasn't gone on the road yet - but beat 4 sides, including Miami and, er Marshall. Texas and Oklahoma have battled it out to be the country's most disappointing thus far, and Penn State's red zone offense have, well, been offensive - in all the bad manners.

The Best Five Teams

1) Alabama - We hate him, but Nick Saban is the best coach in the land, bar none.
2) Ohio State - A test against Miami, but otherwise solid. We'll see how they fare outside of the 'Shoe.
3) Oregon - This team seems to score at will. And to think we missed Jeremiah Masoli. LaMichael James ain't half-bad, either.
4) Boise State - Beat Virginia Tech and Oregon State. Which is one good team more than Ohio State has beaten. Or Oregon (but we think the Ducks will beat Stanford on Saturday night).
5) Nebraska - Taylor Martinez has been a revelation for the Huskers, who are now Big XII favourites

Top Five Most Disappointing Teams

1) Georgia -This SEC dark horse suddenly becomes the bandwagon that nobody wants to jump on. They miss AJ Green like hell. They also miss a run defense, too.
2) Virginia Tech - James Madison, cough, cough, James Madison. Need I mention the 2010 version of Appalachian State-Michigan anymore?
3) Texas - The offense is horrific. Garrett Gilbert keeps making mistakes, and he'll get replaced by the end of the year. Suddenly, you figure the 'Horns as underdogs for the Red River Rivalry and the trip to Lincoln. A&M becomes a toss-up.
4) Oklahoma - They can't seem to convince anybody. If they finish unbeaten, then their fans well have all died of small heart attacks by the end of the season. Either way, they ain't going to the NC game (barring BCS meltdown).
5) Penn State - Disappointing so far. Eking out wins about Temple and Kent State doesn't exactly have you thinking beyond one game at a time in the Big Ten. If they win at Iowa it'll be a miracle (though they do happen!)

Top Five Pleasant Surprises

1) Michigan - Something good is going on at Michigan. And it's not the Michigan fans, or RichRod's defense. It's Denard Robinson, the QB with the Midas touch.
2) Nebraska - Honestly, I didn't think they'd be THAT good this year.
3) Auburn - Gene Chizik has the Tigers ticking.
4) Michigan State - Ladies and gentlemen, the Michigan-Michigan State game will be summed up in two words: Shoot-Out.
5) Nevada - Nice to see that there's another non-BCS school out there other than bloody Boise and TCU.

Top Five Heisman Picks

1. Denard Robinson (Michigan) - Seems to have self-propelled a program back to the fore.
2.  Mark Ingram (Alabama) - No knee, no problem. Back to his SEC best.
3. Trent Richardson (Alabama) - Carried the Tide for two games, and if Ingram gets hurt, he's an incredible replacement.
4. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State) - A lack of road mistakes could make him the No.1 Heisman pick.
5. Andrew Luck (Stanford) - Playing well, and the Cardinal is 4-0.

BCS Conference Picks (Four Games In)

1. Big Ten: Ohio State - Too solid
2. SEC: Alabama, beating Florida in Title Game
3. Big XII: Nebraska, beating Oklahoma in Title Game
4. Pac-10: Oregon - Too much speed
5. ACC: Miami, beating Florida State in Title Game
6. Big East: West Virginia - simply because no-one else is any good

Top Five Games Of The Season So Far

1. Boise State's "away" win over Virginia Tech in DC. What a comeback, what a game.
2. Michigan State's win over Notre Dame with THAT fake field goal
3. Auburn's win over Clemson that was, quite simply, a brawl
4. James Madison over Virginia Tech in one of the upsets of the century. Who says "No-One treads all over the Hokies in Lane Stadium"?
5. Arkansas' win over Georgia was quite simply, breathless (and heartbreaking, if you are Dawgs-inclined!)

Top Five Cheerleaders Of The Season 

1. Texas (Better than their offense!)
2. Oregon (Usual service resumed out west!)
3. Florida (SEC favorites in this department year in, year out)
4. Auburn (A Good effort, and definitely No.1 in Alabama)
5. Miami (Must be the Floridian sun)