Week Three Rankings

It's a little bit late, but after a quarter of the season already gone, we thought we'd get our act together by putting out some rankings. You'll probably disagree.

  1. Alabama  Best team in the nation so far
  2. Ohio State Terrelle Pryor & Co are solid. Can't see anyone beat them this year.
  3. Oregon  One question: Who's going to be able to deal with THIS offense?
  4. Boise State  Rose Bowl bound, but Virginia Tech's loss to (laugh) James Madison may kill them in the stretch
  5. TCU  Andy Dalton leads a team that has everything.
  6. Nebraska  Taylor Martinez and THAT defense has Bo Pellini flying.
  7. Florida  Beat Tennessee comfortably, but they really aren't that good. 
  8. Oklahoma  Too many mistakes against Air Force to think they'll challenge for a National Title
  9. Arkansas  Won a difficult game in Georgia, and could prove to be a monster test for Alabama on Saturday
  10. Texas  Woeful at times at Texas Tech.
  11. Arizona  Beat Iowa in a stunner in Tuscon in one of the games of the weekend
  12. Stanford  How good is Andrew Luck? NFL good!
  13. South Carolina  Marcus Lattimore is a ferocious running back and will be difficult to stop. Stephen Garcia, however, sucks
  14. Wisconsin  The victory against Arizona State was more luck than skill.
  15. Iowa  Their comeback in the second half against Arizona showed that their first half performance was an aberration, not the norm.
  16. Auburn  What a game in Clemson. What an atmosphere
  17. LSU  Unspectacularly trundling their way through a 3-0 SEC record. Alabama/Arkansas will prove to be the test. Ole Miss won't. 
  18. Michigan  Denard Robinson has the Wolverines buzzing, although questions have to be asked about the defense.
  19. Utah  Got some respect for the home win against Pittsburgh. Let Mormons reign!
  20. Miami  Will be an ACC threat this year
  21. Georgia Tech Good win at UNC. Offense is covering defense's butt, but the Jackets are going to be a lot of fun
  22. West Virginia The pick of the Big East. But then again, how good is the Big East this year?
  23. Clemson  Unlucky to lose at Auburn, but how will they be if Kyle Parker gets injured.
  24. Oregon State  We'll see how the conversation about Pac-10 superiority goes when the Beavs go to the Blue Turf. Jacquizz Rodgers is good, by the way.
  25. Penn State  This team's offense is like watching a tanker turn in the night. Ugly.