Week 4 Poll

This is the VFA poll. We polled billions and billions of people, and they came up with this remarkably incisive answer. SERIOUSLY.

So here it is-

1. Alabama  Overcame a scare in Arkansas to win through
2. Ohio State  Solid, solid team.
3. Boise State  Overplayed Oregon State in front of Gameday crowd.
4. Oregon  This team scores. Frightening. Can't wait for Saturday vs Stanford.
5. Florida Hammerd Kentucky
6. TCU Unexciting performance at SMU
7. Stanford  Road win at Notre Dame might just make this team the class of the Pac-10
8. Nebraska  Taylor Martinez was dreadful in Saturday's win. Thankfully it was only against South Dakota State.
9. Oklahoma  They are only in the Top 10 because they didn't lose. But they nearly did.
10. Auburn   Breathless win over South Carolina
11. Wisconsin   How good is John Clay? Answer: Very.
12. LSU  Strong performance against West Virginia.
13. Arizona   Woeful game against Cal, but rode their luck - and defense- all the way to a win.
14. Arkansas  Ryan Mallett should be blamed for the Alabama loss, but this team is still strong
15. Utah   Utes keep going post-Pittsburgh upset.
16. Miami   Ripped Pittsburgh apart on Thursday night football. Prove much? Probably not!
17. Iowa   Ship righted on Saturday, and will continue to do so against an anemic Penn State team.
18. South Carolina   Heartbreaking loss against Auburn, but this team could be a winner in the SEC East.
19. Michigan   Wolverines fans praying Denard Robinson isn't injured. Yep - the defense is THAT bad.
20. USC   The Trojans continue to bore. We'll see how good this team is in proper Pac-10 play (WSU doesn't count!).
21. Texas  Woeful performance indicates a long season coming for 'Horns fans
22. Michigan State   Lightning fast offense will cause EVERYBODY problems. Defense, however, won't.
23. NC State   4-0, and one of the best teams in the ACC. The problem? It's the ACC.
24. Nevada   This team keep on going.
25. Penn State  Offense=awful