Thoughtful Tuesday - Coffee Delivery

All in all, Lincoln is a pretty good baby. Usually. But for some reason the past few nights he has not been sleeping well. Normally I only have to get up to feed him once in the night but lately he's been up every couple of hours. He does take a nice little morning nap when I *might* be able to catch up on some much needed sleep if I didn't have a very energetic and demanding toddler requiring my never ending attention.

So when I awoke on Tuesday morning at 6am to the sounds of that particular toddler's cries, I wanted to cry myself when I realized... I was out of coffee.

I had no vehicle to enable me to obtain coffee and even if I did it would be noon before I had my crew organized enough to get us somewhere that served/sold coffee - and by that time I would be needing something more... potent than coffee.

My friend, M and I chat regularly via BBM/iphone. Even at 6:30am. Or especially at 6:30am (or 11pm, 3am, 1pm) when one or both of us has something we need to discuss. M has a toddler who is the same age as Ruby.

Depsite the fact that M had to get herself and her own toddler ready for their drive to the babysitter and then work, she was at my door within an hour of me telling her my predicament, holding a venti sized cup of steaming hot Starbucks coffee and a scone. Because as she explained (and who am I to argue) you can't have a cup of coffee without a little treat.

This is the same friend who provided me with a plethora of East Indian treats for me to gorge myself with snack on while I was feeling sorry for myself recovering from vertigo.

M lives in the same neighborhood as me and when you live in the city, having a good friend who actually lives within blocks of you (never mind in the same neighborhood or city) is a very rare blessing.

So my Thoughtful Tuesday post is once again about having good women friends who help each other out when we need it. They may be few and far between but they are ever so valuable and a great treasure to have.