Texas Roasted At Home While Alabama Survives: College Football Afternoon Round-Up

You know a good team when it's up against the wall yet in comes out with a victory.

Alabama was losing 20-7 going into the last third of its game at No.10 Arkansas, but rode Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and some clutch stupid throwing from Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett to ride out a 24-20 victory. Was it a vintage victory? Nope. Was it one that distinguishes the men from the boys? Sure.

Now we go to Texas, smoking hot co-eds, cougars and cheerleaders. Being ranked No.7 at home to UCLA? 'Horns to win, right? Wrong. The Longhorns were absolutely awful in a 34-12 home hiding by the Bruins, who certainly didn't look like a team that was shut out by Stanford. Texas was outfought in every department, and suddenly the stormy Texas clouds are whirling around Mack Brown's head - as they usually do when the Longhorns lose one. If they don't play any better, we'd like to put forward games against Nebraska and Oklahoma in the 'L' column too, please (and maybe A&M, in the world's ugliest game!). One quick point: Akeem Ayers was the star for UCLA- watch him in the NFL next year, folks.

Alabama had already taught the world that Penn State wasn't a great team, and suckage continued in Beaver Stadium today as the Nittany Lions failed to convert in the red zone SIX times in seven attempts (putting up 5 field goals in a 22-13 victory). And it wasn't against Ohio State, either. It was against TEMPLE. True, people thought that the Owls might well upset the octagenarian, but still.... But before we go Nittany Blue with rage at the Lions, we'd like to give a standing ovation to Evan Royster, who ran for 187 yards. That's a heck of a rushing effort. Can we now have more against the good teams, please?

Meanwhile, Ohio State, Wisconsin, USC, Michigan, Iowa all brutalised the opposition. Tennessee survived UAB - thanks to a horrible

These evening awaits, but at the moment, the cries of "Rammer Jammer" - yet again - can be heard reverberating around SEC land.....

Oh, and cheerleaders of the day go to: Texas. Which is about the only good thing going for the Longhorns after such an horrific performance.