Sunday Reminders: Week 3 Recap

On Week 3, we were reminded of a few things:

Michigan State reminded us that trick plays at the end of overtime is the most exciting thing in college football. Especially when it's against Notre Dame. That overtime - and college overtime in general, reminds us why college football is soooooo much fun (and that the NFL needs to change its overtime rules!).

Clemson and Auburn reminded us (and Brent Musberger did about 9000 times) that these kids can hit hard. Both sides should get a week off after that game. They need one.

Clemson's Jamie Harper reminded us that running backs can catch the ball - his catch against Auburn was something unbelievable. The Tigers' field goal unit reminded us that stupid penalties during overtime can cost you games.

AJ Green continues to remind Georgia fans why they miss him so damned much after the 'Dogs slipped 0-2 in SEC play. Stunning comeback by the Dawgs, by the way, but then Arkansas' Ryan Mallett reminded us why he's a Heisman contender, cuing the great line from the ESPN commentator: "Childs, please!" I giggled.

Penn State and USC's stumbling performances reminded us that two historical college football superpowers aren't going to be on the map this year, for differing reasons. USC's reason is that they aren't allowed to be, while Penn State's reason is that they really aren't that good. However, Alabama reminded us that the battle for the lead running back spot between Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson might be the most interesting thing about the SEC this year - the Tide are so, so much better than anyone else out there.

Brent Musberger would, again, like to remind you of the hard-hitting nature of the Clemson-Auburn game. 

Denard Robinson and Terrelle Pryor reminded us that the Michigan - Ohio State game at the end of the season will be one of the seasons game to watch. Sure, the Buckeyes are solid, but can they stop Denard Robinson? And can Michigan's shaky defense (37 points conceded to UMASS) stop Pryor?

Iowa and Arizona State reminded us of the crucial nature of kicking an extra point. While both kicks didn't cost them victory in Tuscon and Camp Randall, they sure were a kick in the balls to their fans, and cost them leads and ties. Aaargh....

Despite the loss of the Sun Devils (who really should have beaten Wisconsin), the Pac-10 reminded us that it is the conference to watch this year. We can't wait for Oregon State's journey to Boise State on Saturday night. Kirk Herbstreit didn't seem to happy about it, though...Having said that, the SEC has the Pac-10 in its pocket when it comes to co-eds - on the evidence of Saturday, anyway...

Brent Musberger would, again, like to remind you about the hard-hitting nature of the Clemson - Auburn game.

Florida would like to remind you that in the race for the country's No. 1 cheerleaders, they aren't going to go away quietly. Arizona, Arizona State, Tennessee, and Auburn aren't either, for that matter.

Speaking of Florida, Gators head coach Urban Meyer would like to remind you they aren't a dirty program. Doesn't EVERY team have 30-odd kids arrests. Verne Lundqvist reminded us all that Tennessee weren't perfect in that department, either. Speaking of perfect, that was a horrible game at Neyland Stadium. Florida won, and we were bored early and late. The middle bit wasn't great, either...

And speaking of imperfection, Texas is a perfect 3-0, but they are horrible. Against Nebraska's Taylor Martinez (who reminded you why he's a freshman Heisman contender with a standout performance in the blowout against Washington) and THAT Bo Pellini defense, the 'Horns will get tested. Oklahoma and Texas A&M were equally poor in escaping to victory. This will all make it interesting come in-conference play.

And quickly, I'd just like to remind you of two great plays of the weekend. Just a take a breath before watching and screaming: "Oh My Gosh!!"

And, of course, this....