The day has come.

Steve's vasectomy is scheduled for today.

He's been waffling between shrugging his shoulders, saying, "No big deal!" and curling up in the fetal position while clutching his balls and crying, "Oh my god, I'm SO scared!"

I think he WANTS it to be no big deal but in reality he's a bit scared. He is a man after all. (No offence men, but you can be babies sometimes.)

I keep reminding him that the procedure is advertised as being virtually pain free and no "scalpel" is used. Still, they have to get inside the scrotum somehow to make the snip so there will be a couple punctures through some very sensitive skin.

Now, I'm not sure but I'm guessing that it's probably not quite to the same degree as someone who might have, oh I don't know, say... endured two rounds of IVF, been through two difficult back-to-back pregnancies and given birth to two children without any pain medication - but you know, I'm sure it's probably really close.

He was given a list of supplies to pick up prior to the procedure. They included Extra Strength Tylenol, Extra Strength Ibuprofen, ice gel packs and antibiotic ointment.

Also required were some snug fitting underwear and an "athletic support" which is to be worn outside of the underwear on the day of the procedure.

I happlily went out and did the shopping for him - after all, I'm trying to be as supportive to him as I can. I tell him he's going to be fine and he probably won't even feel it. It will be a piece of cake. And I will do whatever I can to ease any fears or discomfort that he may experience. Because after all, I am a compassionate, caring wife who wants to support her husband any way I can.

And just to prove that, I went through the supplies he needed for today and I laid some of them out for him last night so he would see them first thing this morning. I put them in the kitchen... on the chopping block...

Good luck, sweetheart!!