Good news Alabama, Your Competition Is Horrible: Afternoon game recap

Here's some good news, Alabama - you won't lose a game in the SEC this year. After seeing back-to-back 'big-time' SEC games today, we can safely say that no side's as good as you.

Highlights of the Afternoon

1. Remodelled Neyland, same old team: Florida goes into Tennessee, plays badly, but unfortunately karma isn't on the rest of the world's side and they win in Knoxville against an untidy and not terribly good Tennessee team. Florida wasn't great today, and last year's team would have crushed the Vols. But they didn't, and this game was a lot closer than the scoreline suggested More importantly, they also win the SEC Cheerleaders battle, beating out their opponents. Mind you, thumbs up to Knoxville's finest co-eds, beautifully captured on HD....

2) Georgia Says "Goodbye" To SEC Hopes, Mallett Says "Hello" to Heisman contention... This heartbreaking 31-24 loss for Georgia was one of the games of the day. Coming back from 24-14 down, the Bulldogs ripped off 14 straight points to tie it late, before Ryan Mallett punished Mark Richt for conservative play-calling late on in the game with a touchdown with seconds left. Quote of the day from the ESPN commentator after Arkansas' Greg Childs: "Childs, Please!" Brilliant. But UGA are 1-2 and 0-2 in the SEC. And the defense can't stop the run. On the other hand, Ryan Mallett was brilliant today, cementing him in the Heisman battle. Next up, Alabama. Oh.

3) Alabama Rolls. Welcome back, Mark Ingram, who ran roughshod over Duke in a crushing, if predictable victory in Duke country.

4) Evan Royster, What's Happened To You? The leader of the 'Blue Royster Cult' ran for 38 yards against mighty Kent State, as Penn State's offense spluttered to 24 points in a win. Going into Big Ten season, we're not exactly confident about this Big Ten future, especially as teams like Michigan look good.

5) Well, When We Say Good.... We meant, er, fun. Michigan's 42-37 hands-to-the-ankles victory of UMass demonstrated to us two things. One, Denard Robinson isn't the second coming of Michigan Jesus, but he's getting there. Two, unless Michigan shapes up its act defensively, RichRod has a season's worth of problems. They can kiss goodbye to the Ohio State game now (BTW, the Buckeyes beat Ohio handily today), unless something changes.

6) Our New Big Ten Rivals, Nebraska, C-R-U-S-H-E-D Washington on the road, with an incredible performance from their quarterback Taylor Martinez, who was virtually unstoppable today. Suddenly, Texas has problems. The Huskers are suddenly favorites for the Big XII (especially as Oklahoma struggled against Air Force, and Texas is still stuck in neutral).

7) And The Game Of The Day Came From.... Camp Randall. A blown coverage on an extra point got Wisconsin out of jail (unlike Florida's Chris Rainey, who could well be heading the opposite way!) against Arizona State. ASU has a new QB saviour in ex-Wolverine Stephen Threet.