College Football Week 3 Predictions

Week One was fun. Week Two was not so fun (if you're a Penn State fan). What will Week Three bring us?

The VFA lays out some predictions:

Arkansas vs Georgia

The visit of the Razorbacks represents the second good SEC team in a row that Georgia will face. Last Saturday didn't work out too well for the Bulldogs, who were run over by South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore on Saturday. This week, the Bulldogs face Ryan Mallett, who's meant to be one of the nation's best quarterbacks. We'll see. Prediction: Georgia by 4 in a classic.

Florida vs Tennessee

If the UT football system lacked class in the off-season, then the UT football fans have taken it a whole new level by printing "Time To Die" T-Shirts celebrating wide receiver Chris Rainey's arrest for stalking a girlfriend. Tennessee were good in the first half of the Oregon game, before the Ducks reeled off 48 straight points in a 48-13 laugher. Last week Florida was awful against South Florida in The Swamp - a game they could well have lost if they hadn't kicked themselves in the teeth in important moments. Prediction: Florida continues hex on the Vols, winning by 10

Iowa vs Arizona

As many teams now know about going to Tuscon, it's not an easy place to play.  Iowa - one of the better teams in the country - will walk into a booze-fuelled night game, but they've been to Penn State, so UA will feel like nothing. Iowa's solid defense and great running backs will take some names on Saturday night. Prediction: Hawkeyes roll, winning by 10.

Clemson vs Auburn

Auburn hardly impressed us in their road victory at Mississippi State, but they got through a tough road game and now are 2-0. They might well be the second-best team in the SEC West (behind their local rivals). Playing them is a Clemson team who's 2-0 after playing nobody. Jamie Harper and Andre Ellington are good running backs at Clemson, but are they ready for Auburn's 'D' in a College Gameday situation? Prediction: Auburn win by 3 in one of the year's better games.

Nebraska vs Washington

Everyone loves to talk about Jake Locker about possibly being a Heisman contender - and we'll see about Nebraska's frightening Bo Pellini-led defense. This is going to be an absolute battle, that could well be one of the games of the season, let alone the day! Prediction: Washington wins in a USC-style shocker, and Locker puts himself in the Heisman and No.1 Draft Pick conversation.

Texas vs Texas Tech

It's undeniable that the Red Raiders have got a good offense, and Taylor Potts is a great quarterback. Having said that, the 'D' really isn't anything - although the Longhorns aren't as good as recent years. While Oklahoma and Texas A&M fans will wish that the 'Horns slip up to give them Big XII South hopes, it ain't gonna happen. Prediction: Texas by 21

Oh, and put wins in the bank for Ohio State and Alabama....easily.

Kent State vs Penn State

Oh go on....Push me....Penn State rebounds to win this one comfortably.

USC vs Minnesota

USC will go 3-0 after beating the Gophers, but they won't prove anything - apart from that they are good against crappy opponents. The real proof in the pudding for the Trojans will in the Pac-10, where we're now predicting a losing record. Prediction: USC by 21, but THIS is the sound of no hands clapping.