Bug-Eyed in Boise: Week 4 Predictions

College Gameday seemed to commit sacrilege by not including a SEC team in its programming on Saturday, instead focusing on the blue turf of No. 3 Boise State, who will host a monster game with ranked-and-frankly-dangerous Oregon State.

So here are our predictions:

Oregon State vs Boise State

The commentators didn't look as though they were actually looking forward to hitting up Boise this weekend, but they are probably going to one of the games of the week. Oregon State has one of the best running backs in the Pac-10 in Jacquizz Rodgers, while Boise State's quarterback Kellem Moore has proven himself as a rather good quarterback. This is going to be a cracker, which Boise wins. Just.

Alabama vs Arkansas

Hey Alabama, this game's going to be more difficult than the road trip to Duke. In the last few years, it's been Arkansas with the skill at running back, with Darren McFadden and Felix Jones doing the honors for a Houston Nutt-coached Hogs team. But now, it's the Alabama RBs who rule the roost, with Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson the best 1-2 in the nation, bar none. Everyone has everything to fear. Arkansas will try and use Ryan Mallet to pick on Alabama's weak(ish) secondary, but it will probably be in vain. Alabama wins - by 7.

Miami at Pittsburgh

Jacory Harris and the sheer athleticism of this Hurricanes team have made Randy Shannon's team fun to watch of late, but Pittsburgh's Dion Lewis is going to be a tough cookie to stop on Thursday night. This is going to be one of the games of the (long weekend), people. Hurricanes win by 7.

South Carolina at Auburn

Auburn hosted a special game on Saturday night, squeezing by Clemson in overtime in a game that saw the tree at Toomer's Corner dressed in toilet paper and everyone trying to regain their breath. Funnily enough, the moment of the day was probably Justin Harper's catch, which was worth seeing. Auburn fans will hoping their players' bodies have coped from the battering of the 'other' Tigers, while South Carolina will be carrying another boulder on their backs - the apparent suicide of former wide receiver Kenny McKinley, who died earlier this week. We think that South Carolina will win for McKinley, Spurrier on the back of Marcus Lattimore, who's already one of the better RBs in the SEC.

West Virginia at LSU

LSU has been terrible thus far this year, but has escaped with boring the pants off us and going 3-0. West Virginia  have beaten Marshall and Maryland on their way to a 3-0 record, and might just have a good little quarterback in Geno Smith. This one's going to be a good game, which LSU wins by 4.

Oregon at Arizona State

After licking their wounds against Wisconsin (where they lost a game they really should have won), the Sun Devils entertain the highest-scoring, fastest offense in college football in the Oregon Ducks. On the field, we think that Oregon wins by 14. Off the field, where ASU cheerleaders do battle with Oregon cheerleaders, and ASU co-eds remain stunning, stunning, stunning, things will be a lot closer.

Take a moment to think about...

Temple at Penn State

Temple's visit  represents a possible banana skin for the Nittany Lions, who haven't got going all year. Evan Royster's form at running back has been downright abysmal, but Silas Redd and Stefphon Green's speed is evident. Brett Brackett and Graham Zug need to sort it out and become good, strong targets for freshman Rob Bolden. But seriously, look out for quarterback Chester Stewart and running back Bernard Pierce. Both have been great in helping the Owls to a 3-0 record.

Georgia at Mississippi State

If Mark Richt - even bearing in mind the loss of AJ Green until after this visit to the sultry southland - goes 0-3 in the SEC, then he'd better get thinking about his job prospects. There is no fury like Athens scorned. MSU's defence held up well against LSU and Auburn in the game before it, but they have no offense. This ain't gonna be pretty.....but the Dawgs win.

UCLA at Texas

Texas fans must be overjoyed to be playing a non-conference teams they've actually heard of after years of playing complete dross, and they'd better be praying for something better than the horrific showing that they put on against Texas Tech. Better teams would have barbecued the 'Horns on Saturday night. For Rick Neuheisel, he's got a team that's horrific at passing and almost as bad at point scoring. Expect Johnathan Franklin to do a bulk of the carrying against Texas, but don't expect the Bruins to win. Texas by 21.

This is advanced sound of no hands clapping for....

USC (on the road to dangerous Washington State (if dangerous is Barbie); Ohio State (at home to the dangerous Eastern Michigan (how about a road game, Buckeyes fans?)); Michigan (at home to Bowling Green (after nearly slipping up against UMass, expect Denard Robinson to be on a path of destruction for RichRod's men)) and Florida at home to Kentucky (we don't care if this is the SEC, Kentucky will be meted out with a battering)). Also, go to sleep on Wisconsin (home to Austin Peay).