Thoughtful Tuesday

JJ had the great idea of starting Thoughtful Tuesdays, and it's as if she knew I had something I needed to post about and she gave me the perfect way of doing it.

Thoughtful Tuesdays is when we post about something we are either thankful for, an act of kindness we witnessed or of a way we "paid it forward".

I'm actually cheating a bit and posting on Wednesday but backdating it to Tuesday because although I tried to post yesterday we are having a nap strike in this house and quiet computer time is a very precious and rare occurrence. I started writing it on Tuesday anyways.

I was recently very touched by a parcel I received in the mail. The parcel came from a woman who lives in my home town. I haven't lived there in about 15 years and haven't visited in over 5. This particular lady didn't know me well when I lived there because there was a bit of an age difference and probably also a difference in interests (if she wasn't frequenting parties and slinking around bars then I probably didn't see a lot of her).

In the past year I have become quite friendly with a few great ladies due to Twitter. Kristen is one of them. Kristen is a young mother of four. Yes, FOUR. She's got commitments and kids in sports and a husband that is often away from home due to work. Yet this woman found the time, money and thoughtfulness to send me a little parcel that contained an adorable pair of little boy shoes for Lincoln and a Starbucks card for me with a card that said "A little pick me up for those shitty days".

It really, truly meant so much to me. And I happen to know she's done a lot of really awesome things for a lot of other women/friends in her community. For example when another friend had major surgery, Kristen rallied their friends and had everyone make a meal so that the friend who had surgery wouldn't have to cook for weeks after her surgery.

I am thankful to have come from a place where the women band together and look after each other and help each other out. And I feel lucky that the kindness has reached me, 1000 kilometers away.