Too Much Fun at Notre Dame?

"So son," says Joe Montana. "Have fun over the weekend?"

"I went to a party," said his son, Nate. "Right until the point that me and 43 of my best friends got busted by the cops for underage drinking."

"Son, I know you were only drinking Millwaukee Best, but you were still drinking underage and you cost me $150. Me and your mother will speak to you about this at Christmas."

Montana must have been pissed that his back-up quarterback son was arrested for underage drinking, when he's already trying to challenge for a job and this blot on his copybook isn't going to do him any good.

But then again, so were a bunch of the football team, hockey team and basketball team.

What we want to know is: How in the hell do you manage to arrest not 10, not 20, not 30 but 40 people? That's 80 cops (two per person)! That's awesome.

The cops deserve the Fulmer Cup, not Notre Dame, although their team has gone up the rankings after such an effort.

There is a serious point for Notre Damers - Brian Kelly's gonna be FURIOUS. Expect some suspensions on the opening day - if there's any justice.