Reggie Bush's Heisman Is On Its Way Back

I've just tweeted Reggie Bush, who today saw his 2005 Heisman trophy sent back to the NCAA when he was a young, very gifted running back at the University of Southern California

I said: "Damn shame about that Heisman of yours - you were the best player in the NCAA in 2005."

And it's a fact. He WAS the best player in 2005 - and quite possibly one of the best you've ever seen. You can talk about taking away his Heisman (and murals and shirts), his alleged agent relationships (he actually hasn't talked about what actually happened to the press), and maybe his records, but you can't get away from this fact: if Reggie Bush DIDN'T play for USC, they probably would have been an afterthought in the National Title conversation (we can only hope that Penn State would then have played - and beaten - Texas and won the National Title no-one expected them to win). He was sensational.

Reggie Bush was the "best of the best". He put up 2,611 all-purpose yards and flew/ran/jumped into the end zone 18 times. Heck, he also gets an assist for the Notre Dame game, when he pushed in Matt Leinart for the game-winner with about zero seconds on the clock. It wasn't his fault that the USC Trojans couldn't stop Vince Young in the National Championship game, even though the silly lateral probably lives long in the memory.

And now? All we have is memories.

And they were damned good, too.