Quit laughing Georgia: You're next on the NCAA list

Despite having their own much-written-about problems with their athletic director, boozy players and a bum-pinching former quarterback, Georgia Bulldogs fans still can't relax: their team is next on the NCAA investigation list.

According to multiple news sources, the NCAA are now going into Athens and inquiring about Bulldogs players attending 'THAT' party in South Beach.

Thankfully for Georgia fans, wide receiving sensation AJ Green - who might just be the best player in college football - wasn't at the party. According to the linked SI discussion, he was Summerville, South Carolina, on the Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately for Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina, some of their players were at the place - with UNC player Marven Austin stupidly using Twitter to celebrate the fact he was (he gets special 'idiot' points from us).

We don't know what, if any, Georgia players are being investigated by the NCAA. But we're sure that the NCAA cops will give us all the detail - but probably not before the start of the season (such is the nature of bureaucracy etc etc etc).

We're pretty annoyed that one bit of detail hasn't come out: the agent who threw the party.