Leo Should Do College Football

We at the View From America went to go to "Inception" today, and to say the least, it's one of the best films of the summer. Is Christopher Nolan the new Stephen Spielberg? Probably not. But then again, he's an amazing director.

If you haven't been told about the premise to Inception, it's about a guy who makes his money going into people's dreams and stealing their ideas and selling them on. Now, he has to go into someone's head and PLANT an idea.

That made us think, what would happen if Leo decided he could get into the dreams of NCAA coaches, players, and referees, the college football history could change.

Here are some thoughts we'd love inserted....

1. Lloyd Carr (2005) "It would be unfair ask for an extra couple of seconds. And my guy's foot was really on that line."

2. The refs at LSU/Georgia (2009): "No flag on that AJ Green celebration"

3. Penn State students (2009): "The design for the 2009 White Out shirts look like crosses, or butts. Or both. We'll look stupid in front of ESPN wearing those."

4. Joe Paterno before Iowa game (2008): "Let's use some handwarmers."

5. Tom Osborne (2010): "Let's just stay in the Big XII"

6. Each person on the NCAA Commmittee, ever year: "To hell with the BCS. Let's have an eight-team playoff, and play until December. Football's meant to be played in the cold."

7. Charlie Weis (Notre Dame years): "This game's not just about offense, I need to spend some money on a defensive co-ordinator"

8. Official at Ohio State-Miami 2003 game: "No way was that pass interference."

9. Penn State: "Let's re-name State College 'Paternoville', because after all, if it wasn't for him, where would we be?

10. Every NCAA football athlete (since time and memorial): "I am not going to drink or go to parties this year, or any other year. My goal is to go professional. If I screw up, I let myself and my team-mates down. I am not going to do that, and risk my reputation, the reputation of the university, and the reputation of the coach, or my NCAA career."

11. Urban Meyer: "I should really start kicking some of my repeat-offending players off the team (although with thought No.10 in his players' heads, it wouldn't matter)"

12. Nick Saban/Lane Kiffin: "Loyalty's more important than anything else. I should keep my promises to my staff and my team".

13. Miami/FIU players in 2001: "Let's not get into a fight. It's only a game"

14. USC's band director: "We really need a new song"

15. SEC Refs (Prior to the 2009 season): "Let's all make some good calls this year"