High Times on Chapel Hill: Ballplayer get busted

Whether you're boozing it in Athens or battling in bars in Knoxville, it's not been a wonderful few days for SEC teams.

Now we have another team to talk about: North Carolina. And while the frats Michael Jordan's former school likes to get its buzz on with a few underage beers, we thought their football players weren't dumb enough to get caught trying for 'another buzz': the cursed weed.

Well, talented linebacker Quan Sturdivant  probably feels like a right turd after getting busted for being in possession of weed.

Forget the fact that it was a "simple possession" and "less than half an ounce", Sturdivant was caught and should be thrown out for at least six games. If he fails a drug test - which should be mandated by those at Chapel Hill - he should be barred for seven.

"Turdivant" might lose a ton of cash after this deal too - people think he's a second round position for an NFL future.

What do we think will happen to Quan? It's up to you, readers!