Georgia Takes Action

Mark Richt was swift to take action on two of his arrested players, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported.

In a move that should put the fear of God into any footballer thinking of misbehaving again, he's suspended  tailback Dontavius Jackson and split end Tavarres King from all team activities.

Not only that, but Jackson's done for the first six games of the season, and King won't be playing Game No.1, either.

Earlier this off-season he kicked out butt-pinching back-up quaterback Zach Mettenberger for sexual assault.

It's pretty easy for Richt from now on: Install a "No Alcohol, No Tolerance" policy on his players from now one. That includes everyone from AJ Green (the best player) to the back-up to the back-up punter. Hell, throw in the waterboy too, just in case he's tucking into some Jack Daniel's on the side.

The fact is this: Unless Richt (and other coaches across the land) start really coming down on their players about boozing, then they may well have the NCAA to contend with, who must be getting well and truly fed up with seeing their name tarnished and be getting ready to hand out some sanctions and some probation.

When are players going to get the message that using alcohol if you're a Georgia player - and particularly an UNDERAGE Georgia player - is a stupid, stupid thing?