Florida State, Florida State, Florida State: Carr makes off with someone's car

So the VFA wrote this Tweet today: "Right, it's Monday. Who's going to get toasted by the NCAA/cops this week?"

I added: "#Floridasagoodbet", of course referring to the fact that three Florida teams had appeared on my most hated list (although to be fair, Miami is a reflection of the future rather than presence - college football's only good with a good Miami etc etc etc).

Within two seconds, this came through: "Florida State linebacker faces felony charges".

FELONY CHARGES? Yep, apparently Nigel Carr, starting linebacker for the Florida State Seminoles, is facing a bunch of charges, including auto burglary, credit card theft and fraud.

We'll say that again: Auto burglary, credit card theft, and fraud.

Jimbo Fisher's apparently saying that the university's policy is to suspend players on felony charges. 

Mind you, it won't really matter if he's suspended - because if he's found guilty, he could well be jailed, anyway.

Wait a minute, he's an athlete.....he'll get choose when he does time. Can the rest of us do that please (ie never)?