Don't Fine The Schools, Ban The Agents

Listen, we're all for the NCAA inspecting schools to work out possible violations and infractions. If the rules weren't being adhered to, then schools should be punished.

On a day when news comes through that Alabama junior defensive end Marcel Dareus is being investigated over whether he broke NCAA rules by attending a party in South Beach with some of the NCAA's most talented players. The problem with the party? It was thrown by an unnamed sports agent.

This isn't the first problems with agents that Alabama has has. Offensive linesman Andre Smith refused to co-operate with a school investigation into whether a member of his family spoke to an agent in late 2008, and he was suspended for the Sugar Bowl game against Utah, which turned out - probably because he wasn't playing -into one of the biggest shocks college football has ever said.

'Bama coach Nick Saban, who we're not fond of here at the View From North America (while he'll get annoyed at his players getting tapped up by agents, he has no problem getting tapped up by other schools and then jumping ship at the most inopportune moments (see the Miami Dolphins for details).

Saban told ESPN: "What the NFL Players Association and the NFL need to do is if any agent breaks a rule and causes ineligibility for a player, they should suspend his [agent's] license for a year or two," Saban said. "I'm about ready for college football to say, 'Let's just throw the NFL out. Don't let them evaluate players. Don't let them talk to players. Let them do it at the combine.' If they are not going to help us, why should we help them?"

He added: "Right now, agents are screwing it up," Saban said. "They are taking the eligibility of players. It's not right that those players do the wrong thing. We have a great education process here. We have a full-time worker who meets with players and their families and does everything else."

Saban's problem isn't the only one. At the same party North Carolina DE Marvin Austin and South Carolina tight end Marvin Austin also attended, and were summarily investigated. According to, Austin and Saunders were great friends and compared notes, in an attempt to get the best deal. With the problems that UNC have had with Quan Sturdivant (what's happening with that, by the way Butch Davis?), this slightly darkens the powdered tar heel, into, well, Duke blue.

After what happened with USC this year, it's obvious that the NCAA aren't about to take any prisoners. Why can't they work with the NFL on this issue and try and rid agents from college football? These guys are more of a menace than alcohol, which has once again reared its ugly head in the 2010 off-season.

Because in the end, you've gotta feel sorry for the schools. Possibly not USC, but definitely schools like UNC, the 'other' USC and Alabama, who could see horrible fines, player bans and possible scholarship cuts because of the acts of the agent clan which populate South Beach, Miami like crab populate the sea beds of the Bering Sea, Alaska.