Cell phone battery

You know how it is when your cell phone is running low on batteries? And you want to charge it up but you don't have time for a full charge because you have to go somewhere or do something and you need to bring your phone with you? And so you put it on the charger for the few minutes that you have - which is just enough to get you through part of your day but only if you don't use it too much? And then when it starts getting low again you really try to conserve the battery because it is now flashing that little red light and can only do certain things with the batter so low? And then when you do get to charge it up again you still don't have a lot of time so it only gets charged just enough to get you by, once again? And again you have to pick and choose if you really do need to make that call or send that text?

That is me. I am that cell phone.

I am getting by on minimal charge. And only if I conserve energy during the day. By 3pm my little red light is flashing and I can only perform certain tasks - ones that are absolutely required. A cup of coffee or tea MIGHT give me enough charge to get through the rest of the afternoon but by 7pm I am flashing red again and I need to really pick and choose which tasks I think I can carry out on such a low charge because it would be disastrous to run out of batteries and shut down mid-task. A good 8 hour charge (a good night's sleep) would do wonders for me and I could take on the world - but it's not happening. Not for some time. I will be operating on minimal battery juice for a while yet - getting by on minimal charge-up time.