Bitchiness in the Big House

Michigan's announcement that The Big House was now the biggest stadium in college football - it now houses 109,091 soon-to-be miserable fans was greeted with some derision.

Our favourites?

"If Penn State decreased their seats to 8", Beaver stadium would hold 174,333. If Michigan increased to 13", 67,631 seats." @OnwardState

"So there will be over 109,000 miserable bastards in The Big House this year. Don't forget the away fans-they've got to go there!" @Viewfromnorthamerica (that's us, by the way!) 

Other people remarked - we couldn't find the Twitter messages- but along the lines of: "That'll be 20,000 people for every win they'll have this year!" 

Are people out there really predicting a 5-7 year and a boot-out for Rich Rodriguez? 

The Big House has been home to some great finishes, but none more amusing than this....