And It's All Gone Rocky On Rocky Top

Well, the University of Tennessee are back.

While they haven't won a National Championship since 1998 (yes, we know, still longer than Penn State!) or an SEC Championship since 1998 (Penn State last won a Big Ten title in 2008), or beaten Penn State since 2007 (well, they haven't played them since the 20-10 Outback Bowl loss, either, to be fair!), they are back in the hunt for the most important trophy of all: The Fulmer Cup.

Invented by our friends at college football superblog "Every Day Should Be Saturday" the Fulmer Cup gives thumbs up to miscreants. For a few years, Penn State looked like taking home a Cup. With Fulmer gone and Lane Kiffin's Fulmer-ness pretty quiet (if you consider holding up a gas station wearing UT football clothing "quiet"), Derek Dooley's boys returned with a bang, or two in Bar Knoxville earlier this week.

Apparently players Da'Rick Rogers and Darren Myles were both arrested for their behaviour, which saw "7-10 guys" pound the crap out of one guy.

What did the guy say? Did he go over with an imaginary microphone and say: "We've heard losers wear bright orange. What do you think, guys?" and ask Myles - who had been arrested in April for getting hammered and causing trouble- or Rogers the question?

And even better - they beat up an off-duty cop trying to keep the peace! Nothing says classy like beating up an off-duty cop, guys!

Anyway, it looks terrible on the team and terrible on Dooley, who probably should have thrown Myles' ass off the team after an arrest. To quote Joe Paterno, this Myles kid isn't a "good kid", when he's touching booze.

See you in an AA meeting soon, Mr Myles!