1O College Football Wishes

I've got 10 college football wishes - which will hopefully be solved before the start of the season....

1) Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush 'come clean' about the USC incidents

I love Pete Carroll because of his work in LA with gangs and the suchlike. However, I'm not so enamored with the way that he had no public press conference to explain the truth behind the goings on of one Reggie Bush. Why not, Pete, why not? And why didn't Reggie Bush do the same? Was it because of lawyers' advice? If so, what have you got to hide?

2) I want Penn State to work out who their offensive line is

As they didn't do a good job last year, let's hope that this one gets sorted in practice. Also on the list: quarterback, defensive line, and secondary. Not asking much, then...

3) People to start mentioning another team other than Alabama

Are people setting Nick Saban on this pedestal because they really believe that this Alabama team is the best thing since USC 2004 and 2005, or is it because they want him to fail? I don't want Mark Ingram to fail (except against Penn State), because the kid's got a good heart and is a decent guy who's been through the emotional wringer, personally.

4) I'd love the kids to stay out of trouble (and ADs, too!)

I didn't know if to laugh or cry about Georgia's Athletic Director Damon Evans getting caught behind the wheel and drunk last week. All I do know is is that friends of mine at UGA weren't too proud of their guy for lecturing them on not drinking and driving, and then doing EXACTLY THE SAME. We're all hypocrites- the last person who wasn't had a rough time around Easter (I'll leave you to get that one!), but still......I'd also love the kids to stay out of trouble. I'm sick and tired of hearing about college football players getting caught doing X, Y and Z. If you can't stay at trouble, stay at school. Your coach WILL help you stay out of trouble with some backbreaking exercises.

5) Speaking of practices...

If only our NCAA players would take a leaf out of the book of the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, who's spending every day as a pro working out in an effort to get better. That's better than some of the folks we're following on Twitter, who seem to pride themselves on getting blasted in bars and acting like fools (we won't mention names!!). Does practice make perfect? Ask Fitzgerald, quite possibly the NFL's most perfect receiver and a future Hall of Famer....

6) People would start talking about Notre Dame

Now that Fat Charlie has gone, there's been a big hole - in more ways than one - at the University of Notre Dame. Has the pride gone too? Why is no-one talking about them? Are 'Machine Gun Kelly''s men going to be that bad this year?

7) And not mention the Nittany Lions..

Under the radar will do, fellas, under the radar will do. True, losses at Alabama, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State may do the trick, but if the Lions beat Alabama, then everyone's going to be talking about the Nittany Lions anyway, right?

8) Let's forget about conference alignment

We've talked about Texas. And Oklahoma. And A&M. And the Pac-10. And the end of the Big XII. And the world. But right now, all we've got is Nebraska moving to the 'Big, Er, Ten, Or, 11, or 12a' and Colorado moving to the 'Pac-10, or is it 11?' We'll care about Nebraska again. Colorado? Notsomuch.

9) And start forgiving USC

If you're a USC hater, then you don't really care what's happening to one of college football's proudest programs. But for me - and I loved the way they played football under Pete Carroll - it's pretty sad. But now the rottenness has been removed (just prepare yourself for some Tennessee-style recruiting violation apologies, Trojans fans!!), we'll start a short, new era: USC the Pac-10 punchbag. Let's remember this (as alcoholics say): but for the Grace of God go we.

10) Let's talk about the BCS and a playoff!

Yeah, right.