10 Guys Who We Know/Would Like To Think/Hope Were At THAT South Beach Party

Dear NCAA,

We at the View From North America would like to report the following players for being at THAT big party in South Beach, Miami.

Forget AJ Green, law enforcement officers, it's these people you've got to speak to:

1) Mark Ingram (Alabama)

2) Jewel Hampton (Iowa)

3) Tate Forcier (Michigan)

4) Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State)

5)  Rich Rodriguez (Michigan coach)

6)  John Clay (Wisconsin)

7)Brandon Saine (Ohio State)

8) Nick Saban (Alabama)

9) Adrian Clayborn (Iowa)

10) Julio Jones (Alabama)

We'd like to also add that all of these players (and Saban) will be important factors in Penn State's schedule in 2010. So if you'd like to issue them all with season bans (or just ones past their PSU date (ie Ingram and Jones get banned for two games!), it would be incredibly helpful to the Nittany Lions' cause in 2010!

We'll even support you in the BCS shambles, and never speak ill of you again!

Yours sincerely,

The View From North America