Scuppered by the Longhorn: Expansion dies

It shouldn't have been as exciting as it was. According to sources who talked to the VFA on Tuesday, the decision to keep Texas in the Big XII had been made Texas' governor last week, so we shouldn't have been battling it over.

But that might just be hype and B.S. - especially if you know my source. We know that Texas governor Rick Perry loves Texas A&M, and there's no way that Texas A&M would have moved without Texas.

But then again, there's no way that Texas would have moved without A&M. Without Texas playing the Aggies every year, the Aggies would simply be a mid-to-awful football school with superb fans, a great Friday party, and weird male cheerleaders. The Aggies didn't want that - and friends in powerful places would have let it happen.

Now, it's Texas Rules in the Big XII. The Longhorns will have their own TV network, they'll be on Fox every two minutes, and the Big XII (or is it ten?) will be able to forget about Nebraska's move to the 'other biggie?' - right after they see the Big North completely ignored during September to December - simply for the fact that the teams are horrible. Colorado's move to the Pac-10 becomes a "who cares?" move, and Dan Beebe, and Bevo, are happy.

Texas' move has meant that the Big XII surprisingly has been kept together, and now there's no longer a need to loot it. Dammit! I could have done with a Bevo sandwich!