Overdue and reading

I am now officially overdue. And do you know who I blame? The Canucks, that's who. Those sonofabitches couldn't make it past the second round again this year and I just KNOW that if they had gone all the way this year and won the cup, I would have been so excited that it would have forced my body to go into labour and the baby would have been born on "that day". The day the Canucks won the cup. But no, sadly it wasn't to be. You know what else is not to be, Canucks??? The baby will not be named, "Roberto", "Henrick", "Kesler" or whomever else may have been the MVP. That will surely teach them.

In other news, I have been reading up a storm. Every day I look so forward to bedtime (8pm??) so I can roll my carcass into bed and get to reading. It's my only real pleasure lately. (Well, that and chocolate but the chocolate part isn't something I want to brag about on here.)

I recently finished "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave - and I loved it. Super good book, I highly recommend. It's not a long one, great for summer reading on the deck - although some parts are fairly heavy.

I also recently read, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". And yes, I did go down to Chapters and buy it on it's release date. So what?! I've finally come to terms with the shame of admitting that I do actually enjoy the Twilight series. Yes, there I've said it! So if Twilight is/was your guilty pleasure, I recommend this one too. It's a short quick one but good.

And now I'm working on "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. This book was getting some really great reviews and I couldn't wait for it to be released. I was a bit surprised when I went to purchase it and found it to be a monster of a book. Thick and huge and of course as all books when they are first released - hardcover. Normally this means $cha-ching$ but as luck would have it, I picked it up on sale for 60% off cover price! I paid less than $14 for a $35 book. Oh was I pleased with myself that day (throw me a bone, it's the small things)! I've only been through the first 3 chapters but so far so good. I'm liking it and look forward to picking it up every chance I get!

So why the hell am I now wasting valuable "nap time" by writing a blog post?

And lastly, blogger has some new templates. I've had fun playing with them and trying out different ones. I finally got my comment problem fixed too - comments were showing at the top of each post no matter what I did to try to get them at the bottom. Well now they're at the bottom and I got a shiny new look. You like?

That is all for now.