Now We've Got Nebraska, What Else Can We Steal?

As you might learn if you bothered looking at the View From (North) America's our account, we're quite prodigious on the old computer, Twitter's been alive since the news that on Friday, Nebraska will talk about leaving the Big XII possibly moving from the Big XII to the Big Ten, where they are guaranteed zillions of dollars a bigger competitive position.

That got 'Twitter Nation' thinking: what else could be stolen from the Big XII.

1) We had loads of people calling dibs on Mike Mangino's jackets, shirts, and, er, one for his butt. And his 'cookie' cave.

2) Other people wanted Bevo as a pet, while others wanted him for lunch (let's be honest, he's so full of drugs that he's make Jeremiah Masoli seem like Tintin).

3) We at the View From North America wanted:

a) Colt McCoy's fiancee
b) Texas' cheerleaders - chaps included
c) Texas' freaking huge-ass TV screen - would look great over the end-zone at Beaver Stadium
d) Sam Bradford's girlfriend, and - to deal with a man-crush we might have - Sam Bradford
e) Eric Crouch's Heisman Trophy
f) Bo Pellini's sense of humor after a defensive error
g) (Jeez, this is an exhaustive list) - Mike Gundy's "I am a man" speech
h) Texas A&M's fans - quite possibly the best in the country
i) Texas A&M's ability to grab defeat from the jaws of victory - year in, year out
j) Yell Practice - The Best Football Friday Event In All Of College Football (not that we've been!)
k) A date with some Texas or Oklahoma co-eds. Just one. Just to say we had.
l) Some of that good Southern weather in late October/early November

4) The guys at Every Day Should Be Saturday wanted Iowa State. We want to know: why?

5)  Jordan Shipley/Colt McCoy's apartment. Imagine the guests, people

6) And finally - and hilariously - the apartment that Sergio Kindle drove into.

Frankly, we'll also take games like this: