Jeremiah Masoli: What A Waste of Talent

If there's a bigger waste of talent in college football this year than Oregon's former quarterback, Jeremish Masoli, then please let us know.

First of all, he gets suspended for the whole of the 2010 season for robbing a frat house, which must have enraged Oregon fans royally enough.

And if that wasn't enough (and by God, these QBs don't do it by half), he then gets thrown off the team after getting arrested for possession for under an ounce of pot, driving with a suspended license and "failure to stop at a driveway or a sidewalk".

He's now had been booted from the team. No forgiveness in Eugene, then. Frankly, we feel sorry for the Oregon cheerleaders - who we may have talked about on this blog before!

Either the cops were looking for him to do something wrong (we think that the dumbass was caught failing to stop at a driveway or a sidewalk, then had his license inspected and phoned in, and was then searched where pot was found), or he made a mistake up there with driving your car into a building while texting (we still can't believe Sergio Kindle got off with that in Austin). Either way, the king of Oregon, who took the Ducks to a Rose Bowl and Pac-10 Championship, is dead.

Here's some Masoli highlight reels, Oregon fans. Not that you'll be any more in Ducks jersey.