Tapped out

At 36 weeks pregnant I have officially been asked to stop working by my medical professional. Probably just in the nick of time as I am tapped out in the stress department.

I try not to blog too much about work because it's just not right so shall I just say I have been served with a giant challenge at the worst possible time. On top of that I had a sick kid last week, yesterday I either had a migraine or a mini-stroke (no, really) and today my daycare lady ran over my stroller with her van.

I am big and uncomfortable and unable to keep up the work required in my home to keep it from looking like it's been over run by a toddler and a 39 year old man.

I am tired and getting short of patience and I am out of tears.

So after my "spell" yesterday it was decided that I need to stop working. Unfortunately that's not yet a possibility but I do plan on working MUCH shorter days and "consulting" from home.

I think that makes everybody safe.