Sunday Night

It's Sunday evening and I'm unwinding after a nice weekend.

I'm trying not to be stressed out about the month of May - particularly work. I start training my mat leave replacement tomorrow. And it's month end (stressful and extra work). And it's payroll processing day (stressful and extra work). I've been quite stressed out over training someone, I don't want to do it. I don't want to sit with someone I don't know all day long. I don't want to talk all day long - explaining every single thing I do, hoping it makes sense to someone who's never seen any of it before. I'm hoping that I am able to articulate properly the things that I do that I "just know how to do". I'm hoping it make sense to her and she catches on quickly.

Earlier today I was out with my daughter and my husband. We had an absolutely fantastic sushi lunch. We later went and browsed the book store - where I picked up a Jodi Picoult book upon several recommendations, trying something new. My mom phoned me this morning and told me she put money in my bank account and wanted me to go buy the plate and cup set that I've been wanting since September 2009 when I first saw them. That store happened to be a couple down from the book store.

Soon I will soon be drinking a cup of tea out of a new cup and eating a piece of leftover birthday cake on a new plate and cracking the spinie on a brand new book in a quiet house while my daughter sleeps and my husband surfs from sports channel to sports channel.

Because right now I can do nothing about tomorrow. I could keep thinking about things and over thinking things until my head might explode and it would still not do me a speck of good. So for now, I will enjoy my Sunday night and hope for a good nights sleep and take the days and weeks ahead as they come.