Will Georgia have a good quarterback this year?

Right, first of all, we know that there will be somebody standing in the huddle, ready to take orders from the offensive co-ordinator at Sanford Stadium.

The options aren't too pretty:

1) Aaron Murray - If you're considered worse than Joe Cox - who sucked last year - then if you're a UGA fan, you'd be worried about Murray. My friends on campus tell me that the universal reaction to Murray has been: "He's not the second coming of Matt Stafford, but he might beat a crappy school. Bottom line: we need a Matt Stafford or a DJ Shockley. We have AJ Green - we need someone to throw him the ball."

2) Huston Mason - He's the only other quarterback on scholarship, apparently.

That's because.....

1) By all accounts Logan Gray wants out. He's got two years left on this scholarship, and Georgia coach Mark Richt doesn't see him passing Murray for the top spot. But then again, if you're considered worse-than-the-man-who-was-considered-worse-than-Joe-Cox, then welcome to Division I-AA, Logan!

2) Zach Mettenberger has been thrown out of school for underage drinking issues (as well as other stuff). Nice one, Zach!

If Murray proves the Georgia fans wrong, life's going to fun in Athens this fun. If not, all hail a guy called Mason - unless Gray stays, of course.