Pittsburgh: Why Not Go For Big Tim?

Last time I looked, the Pittsburgh Steelers were having a fair amount of problems at quarterback.

We know why: Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes might not play this year because of seperate assault charges.

But get this: if Pittsburgh Steelers fans want someone for the future- and they aren't in love with either Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon, could they go worse than proven winner Tim Tebow?

Yes - we know that in previous articles we've talked up Jacksonville (the logical choice for the T-Man), but why not the black and gold?

First of all, he's great out of the pocket - like Big Ben. He'll be able to take a sack or two (Pittsburgh's offensive linesmen aren't getting any younger), and I'll bet that he'll make better decisions with the ball than Big Ben did, who kept the ball far, far, far too long when getting his ass kicked by opponents' defenses.

Secondly, he's accurate. See his SEC numbers for guidance.

Thirdly, he's a winner. See his two National Title wins for guidance.

Fourthly, he'll behave himself. See his reputation around Gainsville for guidance. The VFA met a guy down in Florida Keys who's a bartender at UF who said: "I saw Tim Tebow come into my bar once in the two years I served. He was there for 10 minutes, had an iced water, and then left." And you don't have to worry about him in the off-season: he'll probably be doing mission stuff. Pittsburgh fans need a role model again - so why not Tebow?