Penn State's Blue/White Game Springs Forth Worries

I didn't see the Blue/White Game, but according to several reports, no-one's talking up the prospects for the 2010 team after seeing the first really public performance of the players.

First of all, there seem to be worries about the quarterback position. Kevin Newsome, who looks as though he's going to the starting quarterback this year (but then again, Paul Jones and Matt McGloin could get the roles), was apparently awful from a throwing and rushing perspective, and suddenly the big-time recruit could end up being a big-time charlie.

My biggest memory of Newsome from the 2009 season wasn't one of his touchdown runs, but when he was not allowed to return to the field by Joe Paterno for a wee while after he took his helmet off during a drive and then walked into the huddle. Sad, isn't it?

People also once again hate the offensive line, who once again couldn't stop a darned thing. "It wasn't awful, it was just far from good" said the Lion's Den, before waxing lyrical about Paul Jones' quarterbacking skills.

Maybe it was Penn State's yet again incredible defense, maybe it was a joke scrimmage, maybe it was because they were thinking ahead to the 2011 NFL Draft and the possibilities of a professional career, or maybe they'd had a couple of brewskis before the game - we don't know. But then again, isn't that how the OL played most of last year, too.

There are also worries at receiver, after passes were dropped. We at the VFA aren't too bothered about dropped passes in a scrimmage, but if Derek Moye drops one in the endzone with the score 16-14 Alabama with no time on the clock in September, we'll throw something out of the window.