Last year the Canucks started off so strong in the playoffs - giving us all a huge amount of hope - only to go bust in the second round, breaking my heart.

This year, things are right now not looking so great already, and we're only in the first round. This concerns me deeply.

Can I share a little secret with you? I have this secret fantasy that the Canucks will go all the way this year - they will play in the Stanley Cup final, winning the cup for the first time ever. And just after they score the winning goal - I will be so happy and excited that I will go into labour and my son will be born on that very same day, and his birthday will be even more special than it already was going to be.

Sounds great, no?

Hey, taking my due date into account it COULD happen.

Anyways, we're hoping Ruby can bring the Canucks a little luck tonight when they play game #4. She's all geared up and ready to watch the game. And should the goaltending be somewhat questionable (again), she has been practicing with her dad every day and she thinks she might even be ready to stand between the pipes on Friday night when the Canucks return to Vancouver for game #5.