Chocolate Sales

To the tween aged girls who came to my house yesterday selling chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds:

I got the distinct feeling that when I told you I didn't have any cash on me that you somehow didn't believe me.

Did you happen to notice that big belly that I'm packing around? That is a license to eat chocolate. And since Easter is long gone, so is all the chocolate my daughter picked up from the Easter bunny and various relatives. When you knocked on my door, there was NO chocolate in this house and hadn't been for a while. It's actually been a fairly rough situation where I've been forced to snack on healthy granola bars just because of the thin layer of chocolate drizzled across the top of them.

I should tell you that your offer to make change for any large bills I may have had would have been unnecessary should I have had any large bills because I would have bought a large bill's worth of whatever you were selling.

I even asked if you would take VISA. You girls really should take VISA. Nobody carries cash anymore. (Do they?). If you could take VISA my house may very well have been the last one you needed to stop at.

Did you not find it pathetic when I got my wallet out and poured out the 3 dimes, 4 pennies, 6 nickles and desperately counted them out hoping they'd magically add up to the $3 dollars you were charging per box of delicousness? What about when I sat down on the floor and emptied the contents of my purse out hoping to find some unaccounted for change???

I even asked if you could come back in a few minutes and I would run to the bank machine. Oh girls, I wanted that chocolate baaaaad.

In fact, you should feel lucky that you made it off my porch without getting mugged! Do you know how hard it was for me to allow you to leave after you waved that case of chocolates in front of my nose??? It was all I could do not to rip you off and push you down my stairs.

Did you not see the look of desperation in my eyes?

Ok then on second thought, maybe I got it wrong. Maybe you did believe me that I didn't have money after all and what I saw in your speedy retreat was actually fear...

Oh and yes... *ahem* ...and I am a community minded individual and I am happy to support your sports team or dance class or street gang or whatever it might be you were trying to raise money for. I like to say that I will always support the young kids selling chocolate because one day my kids will probably be out there doing the same and I would hope people would support them too. (That and I really want some chocolate.)