Not wrong, but less right

If there is one thing I dislike and struggle with (ok, there are a multitude of things that I dislike and struggle with), it is admitting when I'm wrong. Ohhhhh, I hate admitting when I'm wrong. Probably because it happens so rarely that I don't have very much practice with it... (haha)

So right here and now, I am not going to admit I was wrong but instead I will admit that it is possible that somebody else (or a few people) were more right than me.

I'm talking about the gym and my exercise routine that was ordered into serious cutback, if not a halt, a week ago.

I haven't been to the gym to torture my body workout in almost two weeks now. And I was forced to admit yesterday that I think my body is actually happy about that. The pelvic pain is less. The extreme fatigue is less. And I no longer have the very strong need to retire to bed at 8pm. (Now I can stretch it to 8:30pm!)

I did get out walking a little bit last week and it caused some serious pain. I'm not sure if it was because my body had had a break and needs to readjust to exercise again or if it was always like that and I was in denial blocked it out because the endorphins were running wild in my head.

Don't think that I wont continue with the walking or even possibly make a return to the gym (yeah, yeah, at a slower pace). I am still allowed to do some exercise and I intend to do just that until such time that I can either no longer physically carry it out, or that I am banned from it all together.