In defence of Tim Tebow - and why he should go to Jacksonsville

 Listen, we at the VFA may have been a little strong on our hammering of Tim Tebow for a less-than-wonderful Wonderlic test, but the point is this: Superman is a winner.

If you're the Jacksonville Jaguars, why in the heck wouldn't you want to draft someone who's not only God in the State of Florida but also has better numbers than 'better' QBs out of the SEC who were drafted?

He's a human highlight reel, and is bound to win most arguments about "Best quarterback in college football....ever" arguments - especially in books like these.

The biggest point is about Tebow's action. People don't like the way he throws - but I'd argue if he has a good wide receiving crowd around him (he'll have a good running back in Jacksonville with the highly-talented Maurice Jones-Drew), then he'll be fine.

He's a winner, too - someone who Jacksonville has struggled to have behind centre in their years of existence. Sure, Mark Brunell didn't do a bad job for the Jaguars, but David Garrard simply isn't the answer for the future. I'd argue that Tebow is.

Not only that, but how many 'Tebow' shirts will Jacksonville ship in Tebow's first season? He'll pay back the contract money before the season's even started, and season ticket sales are bound to go through the roof, too.