General advice

Here's a little bit of information that apparently most of you do not know...

There is no pregnant woman on the face of the planet that wants or likes to hear how large she or her belly is. She does not want to hear it from her family, her friends, her co-workers, her boss, strangers on the street, the lady at the grocery store, the nurse doing her blood test.

It is not cool to make jokes about her weight or belly (particularly when this is her second pregnancy and it is very soon after her first pregnancy and she's heard all the "jokes" a million times just some months prior).

Even if the pregnant woman herself, jokes about her weight or belly - it is STILL forbidden for you to join in and make jokes as well. The pregnant woman is likely just making the jokes about herself in order to ease the crushing pain she feels in her heart every time she gets dressed, looks in the mirror or (god help her) steps on the scales.

It is also not advisable to STARE at her belly. You've seen plenty of pregnant women before. None of this should be new or shocking to you. Move along. There's nothing to see here.

Just because her belly is taking up space in the same universe that you reside in, does not make it your mission, your duty to pass a comment about her appearance unless it is to tell her how fucking fantastic she looks. However important or relevant or hi-lar-ious you think your comment is and that it absolutely MUST be voiced... stuff it. Believe it or not you will not implode, the world will keep rotating on its axis and nobody is going to die if you keep your thoughts to yourself.

Some examples?

~"Are you sure there is only one in there??" (Oldest and lamest in the book. This one needs to be retired.)
~ "You should think about cutting back on your beer drinking!" Yuk yuk yuk...
~ "You're 6 months pregnant and showing already???"
~ From the nurse drawing your blood while waiting in line next is a young Asian woman who looks like she's smuggling a basketball: "You're how far along?? Due WHEN??? ...Wow, you've got QUITE the belly."
~ After admitting how much of a blow to your self esteem it is when you have to start wearing your husband's t-shirts to the gym because yours are too tight in the belly: "I'm surprised HIS shirts even fit you!!"
~ After confiding in someone about how it makes you feel when people make rude comments about your pregnant belly, "Well your belly really is HUGE!"
~ After discussing finding your mat leave replacement, "We need to get someone trained ASAP! You're NEVER going to make it to your due date. You look ready to have the baby now!!!"

Please take note: every pregnant woman knows EXACTLY how large her belly is. In fact, to her it probably seems 10 times larger than it actually is. It's really, very unnecessary for you or anyone to make a comment about it. No really. Shut up.