One of my big pet peeves is excuses. Excuses for not doing whatever it is that you're supposed to do. And what's the biggest thing that we all make excuses for? It's exercise.

So yesterday I had nothing going on in the morning and thought it would be a good time to go to the gym and get a LIGHT workout in to start my day.

For whatever reason, I felt really tired yesterday morning. I really felt like I needed more sleep. I didn't really feel like going to the gym at all. But I battled on and got Ruby ready to go to the gym (they have childcare there). I had planned on being at they gym shortly after 9am.

But at about 8:30am Ruby turned into a screaming, whining, crying monster and it became obvious that she needed to go back to bed for a nap. I put her down in her bed and she slept for about 45 minutes. When she woke up I was contemplating not going to the gym because we were an hour behind my originally planned schedule. But my despise for excuses made me push on and I felt proud of myself for being able to roll with things even when they don't go as per my plan.

So we got ready, got in the car and headed to the gym. When we got there, I realized that it was the gym's "grand opening" day. (Even though they've been open for almost a year now). Saturday mornings are usually the quietest time of the week and I enjoy that. But the place was swarming with people. They were even holding their spin class outside the front of the building - which I guess is supposed to make people want to come in and join up because it looks so "fun" but it just served to make me want to go in and workout even less. UGH! The last thing I wanted to do was battle people for the equipment. I really felt like turning around and going home - but I didn't want to be an excuse maker so I carried on into the gym.

Inside, the place was insane busy. I proceeded to the childcare room - which is also usually very quiet on Saturday mornings. If Ruby isn't the only child there, then there's maybe, MAYBE one or at the very most two other kids there. Except yesterday there were 8 or 9 kids in there. Screaming and yelling and crying. The usually happy babysitter looks at me with a blank look on her face, rubs her belly and says, "I'm a bit sick today. I have some sort of stomach problem. I don't THINK I'm contagious... I'm probably going home and Lynn here is going to take over."

Not cool. At 28+ weeks pregnant and with a 15 month old toddler, I'm not into taking those kind of chances. But I really should workout.

At that point she ran to the bathroom and "Lynn" came over to me. Lynn is the weekday babysitter and I'd heard nothing good about her. So the first thing she does is start going off on me because I didn't make an "appointment". SHE requires an appointment to look after kids under 2. Except I only bring Ruby on Saturdays when there's nobody there and the Saturday babysitter is happy to look after her - no flack, no questions asked, no fucking appointment necessary. Meanwhile there is a little boy sitting on the floor bawling his head off and Lynn is completely ignoring him.

And my god I was still feeling so tired. And really agitated now after getting raked over the coals from this bitchy babysitter.

The final straw was when I set Ruby down on the ground and she burst into tears.

Ok, enough. Excuses be damned, at this point the deterrents stopped being excuses at all and they all came together suddenly to be numerous, clear signs from the Universe that I was not meant to do this. So I told the babysitter, "thanks anyways" and I headed out the door.

Instead of a workout at the gym, Ruby and I walked down the street to the bakery and picked up a "Berry and White Chocolate Scone" and we came home and had tea and a scone and I got my workout from doing laundry, housework, looking after Ruby and just trying to stay awake until bedtime.

Sometimes maybe I should just accept that it's not meant to be and has nothing to do with making excuses.