Anyone shocked? Tim Tebow scores low on the Wonderlic test?

According to reports, Florida Gators god quarterback Tim Tebow has scored low on the Wonderlic test.

It's true - Tebow really doesn't come across that well in interviews - in fact, it wouldn't be harsh to say that he might be a great role model, a great leader, but he's not the brightest thing in the world, is he kids?

ESPN has him going to the 'Show' as a second round pick, and if the system uses him as well as Urban Meyer's did, he could be a frightening prospect. Hey Pittsburgh - need another rushing quarterback all of a sudden?

Anyway, apparent Sam Bradford kicked the butt of all concerned on his test - and suddenly the Rams might take him as the No.1 overall pick.

That can only be good news for The Boy Named Suh from Nebraska and his new home in warm Detroit. The Lions suddenly have something fun on the other side of the ball. Hey - they don't need more wide receivers, do they?