Relegation: You guys have it lucky!

In the US, you don't understand the nature of relegation. If Washington State has (yet) another season of one win or no win football, they don't go down to Division I-AA to play the gaudy likes of Appalachian State. Michigan's four win season won't garner them a visit to Richmond. They just get to suck, suck, and suck some more. The NFL is worse - the best reward you can get for suckage is to get the best player the next year. In fact, it's almost like a team will try and be awful towards the end of the year, knowing that they will sign a great player a year on.

Well, in the UK if a team sucks for a season, they get relegated. If they do it for four seasons straight, they generally get booted out by the league and are a 'non-conference' team (a far crappier version than Boise State, kids!). The stadiums get smaller, the urinals become holes in walls, and the burger stand in the lovely stadium only a few years ago becomes a crappy burger outside the stadium, which should really be condemned in its own right. The stadiums generally get far scummier and more miserable, and the fans get few and far between.

And during the times of relegation, it's pure death for the fans, too. At Loftus Road, the formerly proud home of my club, the fans are angry, and have been chanting for the dismissal of management, the club's board, and the director of football. Oh, and they are turning on themselves, too. Oh, and for this writer, there's a fair element of hating life to boot.

You see, my QPR hasn't won since December 26th, 2009 and they haven't drawn a whole lot of games either. Points-wise (another thing not gotten in the worlds of football, basketball and baseball), we are two points away from the relegation zone, and if there was a bit of hope to be seen, now it's around a corner smoking a cigarette and thinking about leaving us for a brighter future.

When you go to your US sports games, just think of those fans who might see their team relegated and weep a little tear for them. It's the least you can do. We can't celebrate with a draft, after all.