Penn State will end up an unlucky 13th, the rather-too-early predictions say

According to bible College Football News (sadly unavailable in the UK), Penn State will end up ranked 13th this year - having seen no Spring practice and a few high school films.

What's next - high schools seniors that'll kick some ass in 2015?

Anyway, it says: "It's Penn State, so the team is going to be good. It’ll go to a great bowl game, and it’ll be in the hunt for the Big Ten title, but it’s more of a Big Ten X factor than a sure-thing contender going into 2010. Ohio State is loaded, Iowa should be even better, and Wisconsin should be terrific. Penn State has to replace QB Daryll Clark and has to hope for Kevin Newsome or Matt McGloin to be good enough to keep the passing game going while RB Evan Royster gets a heavier workload. There’s work to do to replace several key players on defense like DT Jared Odrick and linebackers Sean Lee, Navorro Bowman, and Josh Hull, but there are several decent prospects on the way ready to step up. This will be a good team that no one will put at the top of the Big Ten preseason pecking order, but it could surprise and be great with a little luck."

I loved the statement: "It's Penn State, so the team is going to be good". Thanks for the vote of confidence - did you see the way Penn State's offensive line was awful in 2009, or for that matter, the 2003 and 2004 years? And by the way, we have a three-way quarterback fight (if it goes anything like Michigan, then we're screwed), we're losing two of our best players and two of our second-best players, and by the way, we're really, really young.

Frankly, I think we'll struggle against Alabama, Iowa and Ohio State, but we'll win one or two of those games, and shock the nation. I'll take another Capital One 1 bowl right now.

Alabama are No.1, by the way. Some team called Florida is No.2. And by the way, Texas is No.3. So that means??? It's another Alabama vs Texas National Championship Game! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!