NFL Draft thoughts: Get Spiller, Get Clausen, Ignore Bradford

We know that the The Boy Named Suh and Gerald McCoy are going to go 1-2, which means that St Louis and Detroit are going to be paying them next year.

Both sides are winners on this - so well done them.

With Tampa Bay and Washington not having a quarterback to speak of, then the odds are on that one of them's going to be picking up Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen. Many people are saying: "Ooooh yes, pick up Sam Bradford!". I'll throw this out there: I'd rather have Jimmy Clausen.

After a horrible first season, Jimmy Clausen emerged as a bona fide NFL first rounder in his final two years at Notre Dame, despite having a coach - and a defense - who sucked ass. He was certainly better than Bradford last season, who was injured in his first game against BYU and injured trying to come back against Texas. To be frank, I'd rather take a sore toe over a rebuilt shoulder every time during the week and twice on DirectTV Sundays.

And now to the 'other picks'. Eric Berry's a defensive playmaker, and if he dropped as far down as Pittsburgh, I'd be surprised and overjoyed. But frankly, he'll end up in either Washington, KC or Tampa Bay.

But there's one person who I've been raving about all off-season, and that guy is CJ Spiller. You saw what a gamechanger DeSean Jackson is for the Philadelphia Eagles. There is a market for a game-changing, punt-returning wide receiver - and that market is Spiller.

Frankly, I was shocked that some so-called pundits didn't even have Spiller in the first round. This kid not only can return a punt to the house, but he's got track speed, he can catch the ball, and he can destroy you for speed. Think Wes Welker, except quicker. Last year he was brilliant, putting up 1,212 yards rushing and over 500 yards receiving on a Clemson side which was like most of the ACC- nothing special.

Scout has him going to Seattle as the No.14 pick, but if you need some lights-out speed to ignite your football team, then 'Speedy Spiller' is your man.

And no, we at the View From North America are not his agent (although we'd like to be!!)