Losing my cool

Steve and I can only go on for so long with one vehicle. We're making it work right now (he's riding a bicycle to/from work) but once the second baby comes along (or before), two vehicles are going to become very much a necessity.

We've had our eyes open for something in the SUV department. Nothing new as we couldn't afford it, but something to accommodate the four of us.

Yesterday I was visiting my parents when a commercial came on for a Dodge Grand Caravan (minivan).

I mentioned to my dad that I heard they were priced fairly reasonably.

My dad said, "THAT is what you guys need, you know?"

Me, sheepishly, "I... know..."

My dad said, "Not an SUV. A minivan would be a much better fit for you guys."

Me, sheepishly, "Yeah... maybe..."

My dad said, "Think of how convenient it would be!"

Me, "But it's a MINI VAN, dad! Can you imagine???"

My dad said, "Imagine what?"

Me, "One of our vehicles would be a station wagon and the other would be a mini van!!!"

My dad said, "And...?"

Me, "Oh dad, I would have absolutely zero cool left in my life."

My dad said, "That what happens. You're cool for a bit when you're younger. Then you have kids and you have to give up some of that cool. Don't worry, you can get cool again later in life."

He does have a Harley and a convertible classic car in his garage. Could he be on to something??

Me, "Well, maybe if I could get a black mini-van with black tinted windows... maybe then I could handle it..?"

My dad said, "Black is too hard to keep clean, you need a more practical color."

Please, Gods Of Coolness... if I have to get a mini-van, at least let it be black... please!?