After just completing 25 minutes of vigorous cardio on the elliptical trainer at the gym last night, I made a pit stop at the water fountain to have a drink before I proceeded to the treadmill for the next 20 minutes.

As I was bent over lapping up the heavenly, ice cold water, I became aware that there was a person – a guy – standing behind me waiting for the fountain. And suddenly all I could think about was my big fat ass being on display and him probably snickering and making some fat-ass joke in his head.

Except when I stood up and turned around he didn’t seem to be making fun of my ass after all. In fact, this nice looking guy with two muscular arms covered in tastefully done tattoos, stopped me to ask me about my sleeve. He talked about the color scheme and said how good it looked and how he was impressed as I have a lot of blue ink in my arm and he felt that a lot of women can’t pull off blue in a tattoo – but he thought it looked really sharp on my arm. He said that my sleeve looks awesome and that the artist did a great job.

He wasn’t full of bullshit. He wasn’t a skid loser who was trying to strike up conversation with a tattooed girl just to try to be cool (if I had a dime for every time…). He was genuinely interested. He was intelligent and kind. And did I mention he was nice looking???

He has no idea the good he did last night. When was the last time anyone took interest in me – other than to ask how old my child is or how far along I am in my pregnancy? And when was the last time I got a compliment like that? I have no idea. Can’t remember. Clearly it’s been far too long because such a simple conversation with a stranger completely made my day and I am still thinking about it today.