A suggestion...

I have a suggestion for any boss or manager who wants to treat their entire staff to lunch from Subway. Would it not be a good idea to maybe call Subway ahead of time and order a tray of assorted sandwiches? A little something for everyone perhaps? Sure you might have some picky eaters but how how hard it is to pull that slice of onion off your turkey sandwich, or to scrap the little bit of extra mayo from your bun?

Instead, someone sent their Girl Friday (or whatever errand girls like to be called these days) to Subway at lunchtime (I would venture to guess the busiest time of day), armed with a foolscap piece of paper with numerous hand written orders scribbled on it and the company Visa. This girl (who had no shame in holding up a lengthy line up of hungry truck drivers, mill workers, construction workers and one pregnant woman) took her time describing to the poor Subway employees just what she needed to be on each and every sub, going to such extremes as to even have them unwrap one already made sub to add salt and pepper to it because that’s what was written down on her paper. (We all know the dietary importance of salt and pepper and how someone might possibly have a severe allergic reaction and possibly die if it was omitted from their sandwich). She then had the Subway employees write in felt pen the initials of each of her co-workers on their corresonding sub wrapper after it was prepared.

And then she needed a box to carry the sandwiches.

And then she needed a drink tray to carry the drinks.

The best part though, was when she went to use the company Visa and it asked her for a PIN number. She told the Subway worker to just swipe the card because there is no pin for this card.

The Subway worker managed to communicate to her, despite English clearly not being her first language, that indeed a pin number was required.

So the lineup grew longer while Girl Friday called and talked to whomever was covering the phones for her while she was running this errand, and asked to speak to the boss so she could get the pin number for his Visa.

Sadly, the boss didn’t know the card had a pin either. So the girl said she would just talk to the Subway employee and let them know that a pin wasn’t required. The Subway worker insisted that yes, a pin was required. Most Visa card holders all know by now that all new Visa cards require a pin number. The places with the old terminals don't require them, but all the new terminals require that pin and soon, that will be most everywhere.

I would like to tell you how the story ended but luckily I had cash in my purse and was able to pay for my sandwich and retreat to my car while Girl Friday punched in the office phone number into her cell with her fancy fake fingernails yet again.

I wonder if next time the boss wants to treat the office to lunch if he might reconsider his options. I hope so.