Why I'm Cheering For Charlie Weis

Listen, I'm no fan of Notre Dame.

It's not because every kid from South Bend I've met in London has been a horrible piece of work (actually, I've only met one of them like that), or that the fact that 'Rudy' never made me cry (it did - a bunch of times).

For some reason, when Charlie Weis came to Notre Dame, the expectancy got picked up a notch.

Everyone then talked about how wonderful Notre Dame was and how we'd see national titles behind the coach with the, well, big behind.

But he's out of Notre Dame now (he's got a 1-1 record with my beloved Penn State Nittany Lions), and he's going back to a job where he can take a 'program' from nothing and take them back into the 'big-time' in the Kansas City Chiefs.

The story in Kansas City is actually worth rooting for (unless you're one of the Chiefs' biggest rivals). You know why? Because in the last few years, the world hasn't been nice to Charlie Weis. The media - during Notre Dame's fall from grace - gave him the proverbial finger, but no-one questioned how good he is as an offensive coach.

There's all the elements of a potential New England Patriots 'repeat' here: Matt Cassell will be coached under the offensive genius (Tom Brady, Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen haven't been bad quarterbacks under Weis, have they?), and the Chiefs have a breakout running back in Jamaal Charles, who nicely replaced Twittering Larry Johnson.

Romeo Crennel will be taking over as defensive co-ordinator, which means that 'Pats experience' will return. Now, where's Bill Belichick?