I live 7 kilometers from my place of work. How long should it take me to drive 7km? How long does it take YOU to drive 7km? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? What about during rush hour? For me, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to get to/from work 7km each way. Granted it’s over a very large, very busy bridge and is on one of the main traffic routes.

If I were to start/leave work a half hour earlier it would take me 9 minutes to get to/from work (I know because those used to be my hours). Quite a difference. I would avoid quite a bit of traffic and I would also rarely be late and the report that is required of me by 9am would also rarely be late. However, my boss does not like the idea of me modifying my hours by 30 minutes because she doesn’t get here til 8am and how would she know if I was really here at 7:30am or not. And also, what if one of the other two employees that work in this office wanted to modify their hours too? (What if I wanted to sit at my desk and read a book all afternoon like they do?? Oh whoops, different bitch session) Clearly it would just create chaotic anarchy and the company would fall apart.

That’s fine, I’ll work with it.

But what I’m not going to work with any longer, is the bullshit traffic that I’ve been dealing with lately. In three of my past four commutes to work, there have either been accidents, stalled vehicles or both adding on considerable commute time to my 7km drive. The other day I was in my car for an hour, driving 7km. And on another day I drove for 45 minutes before I reached my place of work.

In the morning when I'm getting myself, my baby and my husband ready for the day I listen to the news reports to see if there are any incidents on my route. When I hear that something has happened, I rush around my house and get out the door as early as I can so that I can try to get to work on time. It screws up my morning and can foul up my entire day.

This morning though, when I realized there was yet another accident on the bridge that I need to cross and also a stall on the road to get to the bridge, I decided that "Fuck It" was my going to be my new traffic mantra. It should not take me any longer than 15 minutes to get to work. Therefore I will leave 20 minutes before I need to be there. If it takes me an hour then it takes me an hour. And I will be late. My reports will be late. People will have to wait. I will not pay the price because some arsehole cannot put down the cellphone or some squeasle thought he shouldn't have to wait in traffic and so he drove in the wrong lane and squeezed in at the very last second causing a chain reaction behind him. It is also not my fault that some dim bulb spent all his money at the casino and couldn't afford to put gas in his 1984 Toyota Camry, causing it to stall mid-span on the bridge. And so I’m not rushing out of my house one minute earlier to get to work on time because other people are stupid.

It’s just not worth my time or stress. Work can just wait for me to get there.