Some Random Points About The NC Game

Now that the dust has settled on another National Championship Game, we'd like to make a few random observations about the game.

1) Congratulations UT Cheerleaders! You win the National Title. You were much hotter than the Alabama guys. Mind you, Texas cheerleaders might be able to graduate to the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. Alabama cheerleaders will graduate, get a rock or work for a law firm. Plus, both of you have glass footballs now.

2) Where were the jets after the National Anthem? ABC somehow managed to miss them.

3) The streaker wasn't shown on US TV. He wasn't even a streaker. In the UK, 'streaking' is running on a pitch naked. This guy had clothes on. He was a pitch invader - and shouldn't be given the honored title of 'streaker'. Musberger called him an idiot. I would have loved to see Herbstreit laugh if a streaker came on the pitch. And a great comment from the ESPN guys on Twitter: "That's the deepest penetration there's going to be in the Alabama red zone all night!". That was in the first half.

4) Sorry Lisa Salters, but every red-blooded male wanted to see Erin Andrews on the sideline rather than you for one last time this football season. I wonder if EA was still crying about the SEC Title game Florida lost?

5) Brent Musberger, meet your mutual SEC lover, Verne Lundqvist. You'll be beautful together.

6) Kirk Herbstreit should ALWAYS get the National Championship game.

7) Pete Carroll should give up the coaching lark and go to work for ESPN. He was brilliant.

8) Lee Corso looked a little slow at half-time. It was as though he was trying to remember what he was talking about. Please tell us you didn't have another stroke, Lee.

9) Chris Fowler did his normally good job on College Gameday. He should stick to presenting. Then we can forget about his Thursday night TV commentary efforts - especially for Georgia Tech vs Clemson. Speaking of commentary, I wonder what the over/under is on how many days Craig James' son Adam is going to last in Lubbock?

10) When we said the Texas cheerleaders were hotter than Alabama's, can we also mention that Texas' dance team was hotter than Alabama's, too? And their band had better hats.

11) Mark Ingram + Trent Richardson = Running. All. Over. Penn State. Next. Year.

12) Mack Brown should hand over big game coaching duties to Will Muschamp.

13) No class from Alabama for adding another touchdown in the dying seconds with the game over. But what did you expect from a team coached by a guy who's thought of in the South as Satan himself?

14) Speaking of Nick Saban, we can only think he's up thinking about next year - already!

15) Loved hearing Dave Matthews 'Why I am' - It's a freaking classic. It's no Ants Marching, mind you, but it's an anthem.

16) If you're an Alabama fan, root for Alabama. But if you're an Auburn or LSU fan, you wouldn't stoop so low as to root for your most hated rival, would you, just because they are in the SEC? Well step forward two of my did!

17) Did I mention, at all, that Texas' cheerleaders were hot?