Praise The Lord! Evan Royster's Coming Back For His Senior Year!

Let the sun come up, let's the winds of change stop for another year, and ladies and gentlemen, let the good times roll - Evan Royster, Penn State's star running back, is coming back for his senior year.

And yes, we at the VFA are really, really happy about it.

Despite having a [insert joke about the offensive line here] offensive line this year, he still managed to run for more than 1,000 yards. We're not expecting a 100 yard game in Tuscaloosa on the second day of the season, but we'd love it to happen.

""I wanted to return to finish my degree and for my final year at Penn State," Royster said in a statement. "I'm looking forward to next season."

So are we, Evan, so are we.

Here are some of his 2008 highlights - we can't wait for more in 2010. Unless he gets injured to, of course.